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  1. About Eagles Academy

Academy program


  • We accept players from the age of 4 to 16 years old.
  • We have a section for girls under the supervision of specialised trainers.
  • We teach basic skills and develop existing skills of the players.
  • We provide monthly and annual reports on technical and behavioural status of the players.
  • We provide high quality training kits.


  • We recruit trainers with the highest experience in the field of sports.
  • We videotape training sessions and matches for the players’ benefit.
  • We provide our trainers with development courses regularly.


* We participate in tournaments and competitions against our counterparts.

  • We film videos of our talented players in order to present them to clubs.
  • Distinguished players have the opportunity of joining NIS as a priority.


  • Football – Swimming – Cross fit – Tennis – Gymnastics, etc..


  • Nutrition programs provided by specialists.
  • Physicians available during all training sessions.

Additional activities & services:

  • Internal training camps.
  • Technical private training programs for players.
  • Physical private training programs for players.
  • Customer service team to handle all concerns.